Dance of Life

The Dance between Chaos and Order

Through atunement of my body I can remember and celebrate my Spirit in evolution, my Dance of Life

What moves you? 

Consider your body to be an instrument of wisdom that you are learning to play. What if the words you speak, your physical and inner posture are part of a sacred harmony called Life and you can experience these parts in a holistic way. Allow your body to remember and let your Spirit dance! 

The work with Teacher Plants can be a very helpful tool to see yourself from a different perspective. It is at service of the contact to your inner wisdom, learning and growing. Since it is a holistic Medicine It aligns your body mind and spirit and bring you to discovering your life’s purpose. In medicine work, Purpose is the dance between direction and flow. The point where masculine and feminine energy meet and are able to co-create. Purpose is not so much a goal to reach, rather the result of connecting all parts of yourself. 

A step by step movement into awareness and wholeness.

…In the timeless depths of the sea I hear the voices of my ancestors. 

They sing their ancient song through the rushing waters of my blood, awakening the deep memory of life…

My Work

Medicine weekends

These three day retreats offer a profound inner work with the help of Sacred Plant Medicine. In a step by step journey you will deepen the understanding about yourself, what moves you and how you are related to All that surrounds you. These weekends are a great tool to open into a bigger perspective, so you may find what is your place in the Circle of Life and the direction of your hearts desire. It contains two nights of Work with the Amazonian Tea and a Sweatlodge. The intention of this weekend is to help you integrate the experience in the imprint of your body.

Sweatlodge or Temazcal

A ritual of purification and rebirth.

The sweat lodge is a cabin made from willow branches covered with blankets. Steam and heat is created by pouring water over the hot stones. On a physical level it is like a sauna and it works relaxing and cleansing. But on a deeper level, the power of the sweatlodge works on the mental and spiritual attitudes of the participants.

This ritual has four rounds with a specific theme each round. The rounds together form a complete natural cycle. We will work with drum and rattles, singing a mixture of traditional songs and medicine songs in Spanish and English. We will share an orientation about the specific rounds and there is also space for silence. Your own input in the form of prayers or songs is much appreciated and very empowering in giving voice to your own path.

Kambo or Sapo

A Kambo treatment is a strong and short purging experience that helps the body to cleanse out deposits left in the cells and boost its biological functions. Kambo is one of the strongest, natural ways to strengthen the immune system and a powerful detox for the liver and the intestines. In its original form it is a holistic treatment that works on the body, mind, emotional body and spirit.

Benefits of a Kambo treatment:

  • Gives boost to the Immune system.
  • Is a natural antibiotic.
  • Kambo works as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial medicine.
  • Is a strong natural pain relief.
  • Is a great Medicine to help treat depression.
  • It helps to detox liver and intestines
  • Helps reset the neurological connections in the brain.

The way of the Circle –
Tribal Counsil

Circles of equanimity are sacred spaces where we can truly communicate and commune. Where different colors create a bigger perception and deeper connection. Where we can remember the beauty of Love in our individuality and therefor our Being One.

These gatherings of human hearts create a field of deep listening. A safe space where you may come to hear the wisdom within yourself, hearing the ancient voices speak to your heart and from deep within your body. So you may recognize the color through which you manifest Love.

Get in touch with Angelique Angel

Feel free to contact me

Angelique Angel

Medicine Woman

Holistic coach and counselor


Phone: + 31 6 3485 2068


About me

A thorough 15 years training with a mestizo Medicine man from the Andean Amazonian tradition has been a big part of my development on the Path of Medicine. It thought me the importance of the translation of Traditional Medicine to a western mindset and culture and the necessity of embodiment of  Spirit. It is not so much what we use, rather how we use the tools we already are and how to connect and combine them. I move from the power of the heart, the place that brings the fragmented perception together and enchants it. There is no greater power than a circle of human hearts.

Galactic signature:

White spectral dog

My purpose in life is to grow into universal love and enlightenment. The intention is the development of awareness by using the wisdom and instinct of the body.

I resonate with the power of death and letting go, tuning into the possibility of new chances. I understand wholeness by the power of touch. I act with passion and directness when it comes to beautification. My service to humanity is the communication of spirit and change, defined by the ability to see in the dark. Spectral white dog assist the clearing of the emotional waters and allows them to flow. I liberate love and the power of the heart.

Upcoming Events

  • February 14, 15, 16:

    Kambo intensive

  • February 21, 22, 23:

    Medicine weekend – Women circle

  • March 1:


  • March 20, 21, 22:

    Medicine weekend

  • April 11, 12, 13:

    From boyhood to manhood – Men group

  • April 19:

    Sweatlodge ritual – Women circle

  • May 1, 2, 3:

    Medicine weekend

  • May 30, 31 & June 1:

    Weekend of Ecstatic Dance & Medicine

  • June 21:


  • June 26, 27, 28:

    Medicine weekend